Tuesday, March 01, 2016

February Resolution Report

*This year I decided to make 2 resolutions each month

Resolution 1

25 Push-ups or Sit-ups each night. Originally it was going to be just sit-ups, but I took Jeff Cody's advice and alternated. I have to confess that I didn't do any on the weekends (except for the 1st weekend). As for results, even though it was just a small amount of exercise, I did feel like it accomplished something (especially the sit-ups). It was a bit embarrassing that less than a minute of exercise could tire me out a bit (but maybe that was partly b/c I did them right before bed). All in all, glad I did this one.

Resolution 2
Girls in bed by 9:30 each night. We've generally had the girls on our schedule. It was very common for us all to head upstairs b/w 11 and midnight. Again, I will confess that there were some nights that I didn't make the 9:30 cutoff, but I think we did really well. Katie also had me add a "NO TV" after 9:30 for them (they have a TV in their room). This worked remarkably well. Without TV, they fell asleep WAY faster in their beds. They did complain. They kept claiming it wasn't working. But then they kept falling asleep faster and waking up happier. This resolution led to more bed-time reading as well. Definitely a keeper. In fact, if anything, I'd be open to moving the time to 8:30 or 9!

Monday, February 01, 2016

January Resolution Report

Resolution: No chocolate, snacks, dessert, etc.

1. I ate some popcorn at a church movie night midway through the month. I didn't really see it as breaking my rules b/c I mostly ate it b/c the movie was really long and I didn't feel like just sitting there.
2. Also, I accidentally ate a piece of cake at Addy's birthday party yesterday.
3. Further, I didn't actually come up with the idea to do this resolution until January 6th.
4. I don't count ritz crackers and peanut butter as a snack


1. I experienced no change in weight

2. I was generally more tired (coincidentally, we do have an infant)

3. I noticed that I had 1 really long eyebrow hair... connection?

4. I drank a lot less milk


1. It was easier than I thought

2. I plan to eat chocolate as soon as I'm done with this post, but I do think i'll do much better with quantity going forward. I definitely had a bad habit of eating lots of snacks... often right before bed

My other January resolution was to not bring my laptop home from work and to, instead, say YES to the girls when they ask to play. I liked this resolution a lot. I played A LOT of Sorry.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Here are the results of our 4th Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

1st Place: Matthew
2nd Place: Joe
3rd Place: Nick

Brian (1-4)
Won against Cam 17-0
Lost to Matt 9-21
Lost to Joe 0-56
Lost to Nick 3-14
LOST to Jon in playoff 7-26
PF36-PA117 (-81)

Cameron (0-5)
Lost to Brian 0-17
Lost to Nick 7-44
Lost to John 7-10
Lost to Matt 7-21
LOST to Nick in playoff 7-42
PF28-PA134 (-106)

Joe (4-2)
Won against John 21-14
Lost to Matt 12-17
Won against Brian 56-0
Won against Nick 28-0
WON against Nick in playoffs 14-7
LOST to Matt in championship 6-41
PF136-PA79 (+57)

Jon (2-3)
Lost to Joe 14-21
Won against Nick 27-7
Won against Cam 10-7
Lost to Matt 0-28
LOST to Matt in playoffs 0-44
PF51-PA107 (-56)

Matthew (6-0)
Won against Brian 21-9
Won against Joe 17-12
Won against Cam 21-7
Won against Jon 28-0
WON against Jon in playoffs 44-0
WON against Joe in playoffs 41-6 (As Buffalo)
PF162-PA34 (+128)

Nick (3-3)
Won against Cam 44-7
Lost to Jon 7-27
Won against Brian 14-3
Lost to Joe 0-28
WON against Cam in playoffs 42-7
LOST to Joe in playoffs 7-14
PF114-PA86 (+28)

Friday, September 25, 2015

All Time TSB Tourny Records

Matthew 20-1 (3 golds, 1 silver)
Mike 5-3 (1 gold)
Joe 11-9 (3 silvers)
Nick 8-8 (3 bronze)
Jon 5-10 (1 bronze)
Brian 1-9
Jeff 0-5
Cameron 0-5


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An Oracle Concerning America

Woe to you
Red, White & blue
Where Life & Liberty
Has become Death & Despair

You reject the good
Yet call yourself great
You destroy the weak
And call yourself strong

You claim to be wise
But you’re filled with lies
As child after child dies
Right before your closed eyes

And sometimes wide open

You sacrifice daughters
You sacrifice sons
To the gods of convenience
Of which there are none

Backed not by science
But by fallen man’s ruling
When you write sin into law
I’m not the one that you’re fooling

Beginnings stabbed short
Don’t cause you to weep
Maybe the dawn of death
Will stir you from sleep

So wake up America
Begin a new day
Choose me… Choose life
Repent… Pray

For the million and more
That each year in you die
Are not truly silenced
I. Hear. Their. Cry.