Sunday, September 27, 2015


Here are the results of our 4th Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

1st Place: Matthew
2nd Place: Joe
3rd Place: Nick

Brian (1-4)
Won against Cam 17-0
Lost to Matt 9-21
Lost to Joe 0-56
Lost to Nick 3-14
LOST to Jon in playoff 7-26
PF36-PA117 (-81)

Cameron (0-5)
Lost to Brian 0-17
Lost to Nick 7-44
Lost to John 7-10
Lost to Matt 7-21
LOST to Nick in playoff 7-42
PF28-PA134 (-106)

Joe (4-2)
Won against John 21-14
Lost to Matt 12-17
Won against Brian 56-0
Won against Nick 28-0
WON against Nick in playoffs 14-7
LOST to Matt in championship 6-41
PF136-PA79 (+57)

Jon (2-3)
Lost to Joe 14-21
Won against Nick 27-7
Won against Cam 10-7
Lost to Matt 0-28
LOST to Matt in playoffs 0-44
PF51-PA107 (-56)

Matthew (6-0)
Won against Brian 21-9
Won against Joe 17-12
Won against Cam 21-7
Won against Jon 28-0
WON against Jon in playoffs 44-0
WON against Joe in playoffs 41-6 (As Buffalo)
PF162-PA34 (+128)

Nick (3-3)
Won against Cam 44-7
Lost to Jon 7-27
Won against Brian 14-3
Lost to Joe 0-28
WON against Cam in playoffs 42-7
LOST to Joe in playoffs 7-14
PF114-PA86 (+28)

Friday, September 25, 2015

All Time TSB Tourny Records

Matthew 20-1 (3 golds, 1 silver)
Mike 5-3 (1 gold)
Joe 11-9 (3 silvers)
Nick 8-8 (3 bronze)
Jon 5-10 (1 bronze)
Brian 1-9
Jeff 0-5
Cameron 0-5


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An Oracle Concerning America

Woe to you
Red, White & blue
Where Life & Liberty
Has become Death & Despair

You reject the good
Yet call yourself great
You destroy the weak
And call yourself strong

You claim to be wise
But you’re filled with lies
As child after child dies
Right before your closed eyes

And sometimes wide open

You sacrifice daughters
You sacrifice sons
To the gods of convenience
Of which there are none

Backed not by science
But by fallen man’s ruling
When you write sin into law
I’m not the one that you’re fooling

Beginnings stabbed short
Don’t cause you to weep
Maybe the dawn of death
Will stir you from sleep

So wake up America
Begin a new day
Choose me… Choose life
Repent… Pray

For the million and more
That each year in you die
Are not truly silenced
I. Hear. Their. Cry.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The Myth of Progressive

I find it frustrating that more and more people taking on the label 'Progressive Christian' are less and less vehement against the evils of abortion. They'll usually admit that abortion is unfortunate, but they often fall short of calling the killing of an unborn child wrong. They are more angry over the willingness of conservative Christians to call abortion evil than they are with social liberals calling it a legitimate choice.

The response of 'Progressive Christians' to the Planned Parenthood videos is an excellent case and point. Progressives are more likely to be found defending Planned Parenthood and critiquing the video-makers than they are grieving the atrocity that is the abortion industry. Whereas they were reluctant, but willing, to jettison the entire institutional church due to scandal in the ranks, they are apparently unwilling to jettison the institution that is Planned Parenthood. The former was quickly aborted, the latter should apparently be kept alive. If only the babies were considered as sacred!

The conversation for Progressives automatically went toward all the 'good' that the Planned Parenthood organization does. I have to ask... why not, at the very least, vocally call for the de-funding of the abortion branch of the organization? After all, it's just a line item on a budget (sort of like Planned Parenthood considers baby parts just line items).

In my observation, Progressive Christians are almost incapable of making a good argument (and they do have some good ones) without simultaneously expressing their inner-anger toward Fundamentalists and Conservatives. If a conservative says abortion is evil, the Progressives automatically assume that said conservative hates babies as soon as they are born. It's as if no one is allowed to say anything unless they say everything every time.

There seems to be a radical disconnect here. Progressives are supposed to be those most likely to defend the cause of the poor and needy. Don't babies fit the bill? I guess, maybe, babies get largely ignored by Progressive Christians because their are so many of them that they don't make up a minority group. If you point out that abortion is the leading cause of death in this nation, they are more likely to quibble over the amount (since it's impossible to deny the reality) than they are to lament the fact.

I've seen Progressive Christians defend Planned Parenthood because it's possible they didn't break any laws. IF they didn't break any laws, that only makes the problem bigger! Conservative Christians could barely care less about how 'legal' Planned Parenthood's practices are. We care about the babies. To hell with the laws! hell with them. Some day we'll look back and wonder why it took so long to de-fund Planned Parenthood's chop shop. I hope that day comes before eternity.

Until then, I think it's time to re-evaluate the title 'Progressive' for these Christians. Progress can no longer mean just following two-steps behind social liberals. Sometimes you only make progress by going backward. Progress would be repealing Roe v. Wade. Progress would be de-funding Planned Parenthood's abortion program.  Progress would be defending these babies instead of the organizations that maul them (even while trying to find less crunchy methods for doing so) and negotiate prices for the leftover pieces.

When your version of progress looks like defending Planned Parenthood, the word progress has for you become a free-floating noun defined by the world instead of an adjective belonging before the word Christian.

Friday, June 26, 2015

On Supreme Authority

I see that Facebook and Twitter are exploding with people's immediate thoughts on the Supreme Court's decision that same sex marriage can no longer be banned in the dozen or so states that are currently banning it. I am choosing to post on my blog rather than those sites mostly because I simply want to present my view without getting instant and emotionally charged feedback.

I am a Christian guy. The 'Supreme' authority in my life is Jesus Christ. When I got married to my wife, I didn't really care about a state license. I cared about entering into a covenant relationship with Katie. The state license came with some civil benefits, so we got one. But I don't consider what the state says about marriage to be 'moral' one way or the other. I don't look to the government to provide my moral framework.

Some people are excited because they feel granting civil marriage equality to same-sex couples is moral progress. Others are upset because they feel granting civil marriage equality to same-sex couples is evidence of moral decline. I don't really fit in either camp. Again, I don't look to the government to provide my moral framework.

Some people are in same-sex relationships. I think same-sex couples should have some civil rights (like visiting each other in the hospital). I live in a representative democracy. If the majority of the people in this country think they should have the full list of civil rights that opposite-sex couples have, then it makes sense that they'd have such rights. Whether these civil contracts are considered equal in the eyes of the government is not a moral issue in my opinion. AGAIN, I don't look to the government to provide my moral framework.

Maybe you're noticing a theme here. I don't look to the government to provide my moral framework. Same-sex couples shouldn't look to the government to provide their moral framework either. If you think homosexual behavior is appropriate, it shouldn't matter what the government says about that. And if you think homosexual behavior is inappropriate, same deal.

Until the government begins to directly FORCE ME to show approval for things I don't morally approve of, I'm not concerned. I actually think it makes sense for our nation to recognize same-sex civil unions as legally legitimate. I don't need my earthly government to be a Christian government. I already have a Christian government (the Kingdom of God).